About us

OSAMORE is a children's fashion brand which origin was hair accessories for girls, headbands, bows, and handmade ornaments with a careful selection of fabrics, ribbons and all kinds of attractive accessories.

The step from designing accessories to creating children's fashion collections was a natural evolution for OSAMORE,  which little by little was surrounding itself with the best professionals to design clothes for kids and not so little ones.

OSAMORE designs fashion to dress all ages, its philosophy is to give each age a special touch and style: for babies a renewed classic, for the little ones some chic and casual garments and for the older ones a more ethnic and bohemian style . Each garment is thought and created with great care and affection with small details that make it unique and singular.

OSAMORE makes all the garments in professional workshops in Spain and works with a pattern-making team that shapes each garment, making sure that they adapt in the best way to each stage of childhood and adolescence. The selected materials are from national suppliers to guarantee the highest quality fabrics, always looking for designs, textures and patterns that will make you fall in love.

OSAMORE's mission is to offer a quality product, with different and original designs for mothers who want their children to dress up with that special touch. That is why each collection is thought globally, seeking an ideal and stylish total look combined with our wide range of hair accessories, handbags, jewelry, hats, and so on.